Introduction Thread


Hey there!

Welcome to the Unbounce Community, errrrbody. On behalf of the whole Unbounce crew, we’re thrilled you’re going to be part of the group.

Anyway, the thing about online communities is that they’re usually either:
a) Totally awesome (y’know, a place where you can chat with fellow marketers, ask questions, and nerd out over cool stuff)


b) As awkward as a junior high dance…

We definitely want to avoid any awkwardness, so to get things rolling, let’s get to know each other better. 

Post an intro blurb below and tell us a little about yourself Ð you can even use some of these questions as a way to get started:

  • What’s your name? What do you do? What would you do if you weren’t doing what you do?
  • What’s your favourite marketing campaign of all time?
  • Are you a dog person? What’s your stance on cats?
  • Star Wars or Star Trek?
  • Share your favourite GIF 
  • Share links to your website, blog, Twitter, or LinkedIn.
    Have some fun, get chatting, and don’t be shy. We can’t have any wallflowers, or this is gonna get weird. 

So who’s up first?

Ð Justin

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Welcome To Our Brand New Community!
Introduce yourself to the community! :wave:

Definitely taking you up on those Caipirinhas, Rosi! Can’t wait to meet your friends next week at Unbounce HQ. 


Happy to have so many Star Wars fans around! I’m a musician too and would love to hear your quartet sing!   ![]( 3 inline.gif?1433450458 “Image:”)


Hello Community!

My name is Melissa and am the People & Culture Administrator at Unbounce! Feeling a little weird because you don’t know much landing pages? Don’t worry, me too. We’re in this together and we’ll become experts together!!

I can tell you I’m definitely a Star Wars gal. Maybe because Star Trek was a bit before my time… 

I AM CAT PERSON. In a big way. Cats just get me, probably because we’re both so fierce.

If you’re into it, you can always find me on LinkedIn and Instagram!!


Thanks chaps great to be here - and yep Barbershop is awesome - would love to be on the other side of the pond - it’s not quite as big here as it is there! 


Great film! Both of them!


Great to see someone else from the UK here ! Good to meet you Stuart !


Hi Amit, always a pleasure to have someone else from our neck of the woods, looking forward to sharing thoughts and ideas :slight_smile:


The bloopers too… Amazing!


Hello there!  

For those of you who I haven’t met yet, I kid you not - Princess IS my real name (thanks to my lovely cousin).  And no, unfortunately, I’m not real royalty. 

Some of you may have “seen” me online at one of our Workshops.  In case we haven’t yet been acquainted, I’m a Marketing Educator here at Unbounce.  What does that mean exactly?  For me, it means running Workshops to help you get the most out of Unbounce.  From showing customers how to use certain features to co-hosting Workshops with industry experts, my goal is to make your marketing life easier and successful. 

Like Tim, I’m more of a DOG person.  One day, I hope to live in the company of a Saint Bernard or a Bernese Mountain dog.

Nice to meet you!  :-) 


Hahahah… all the things gets me every time. Awesome to see you here Jay!


This is one of my favourite gifs. You win!


How many buckets do you think he’s got under there ? It’s like Russian doll - awesome GIF !!!


Rumor is that he only tests two buckets at a time! haha thanks, Amit!


Welcome to the Community, Alexander! Very happy to have you on board. :) 


Welcome aboard, Alexander!  Hope you find the community as useful as I have! :slight_smile:


Excellent advice Amit, liking the idea of giving away the first chapter especially.



Stuart and Amit - both offering up some fantastic advice as usual. You guys are like the unofficial conversion experts of the Community.


Ha Ha !!! Love love that gif Justin!!

And thanks for the love - it’s all just crazy science !!!

ll just 


Or weird science!