Introducing UnbounceÕs ÒDejargonatorÓ


Amazing_._ Awesome.

Great. Very. Best.

Cutting edge. Leading.


What do these hype words have in common? They all are meant to instill confidence, trust and positivity. But guess what?

They don’t.


They lack specificity and don’t drive home any message. These words are superlatives; they’re meaningless, empty and devoid of real thought and they all fall into the lazy marketer’s jargon. 

They aren’t persuasive and their unique value proposition is a blur. In reality, jargon make people ask more questions than they answer.

And the worst part?

Many of us use and abuse these jargon-y words every day.

[Enter the Unbounce Dejargonator] ta-dah!

During a recent Unbounce ShipIt Day, a handful of Unbouncers put their heads together and built a handy Chrome extension that audits any web page for meaningless jargon. It’s helpful. And, it’s also pretty fun to use.

Run the Dejargonator on any webpage to reveal any lazy marketer’s jargon - the offending language is highlighted in red. Using the Dejargonator, you’ll get a sense of the copy elements on your page could use a little refreshing, along with a little laugh :smiley:

Get the Dejargonator Chrome Extension :

  1. Download and install Unbounce’s Dejargonator Chrome Extension

  2. Run it on any landing page or website Ñ offending phrases will be highlighted in red. (You can test it on this extra sleazy page here.)

  3. Hover over the red text and see what’s wrong

  4. Finally, update your page to be:

  5. Less vague and jargony

  6. More specific (and thus more persuasive)

Get the free Chrome extension.

And then get that jargon off your landing pages.


There will be lots of fun had with this extension… 


Ditto, Joe! I’ve found a few fun pages to run the Dejargonator on already :smiley:


Going through different landing pages from the Community with this tool has been pretty fun so far.


This made me happy!

Just ran it on our home page… looks like our copywriter will have some explaining to do! 


Be nice! He was only trying to do he/she thought would get people to convert. And I mean while it probably isn’t his/her only job, it is a big part of it, right?


Ha! You know I am a gentleman  ;)