Integration with ConvertKit . . . pretty please?


We’ve been extremely happy with ConvertKit, and are moving from AWeber and MailChip exclusively to ConvertKit.  (We think we can also move smaller clients from InfusionSoft and maintain most of the good stuff, but that’s a different topic.)

Since we’ve standardized on Unbounce for landing pages, it would be great if our two most important friends could play with each other without Zapier or IFTTT or something.

I humbly request that you take at least a quick look at ConvertKit if you aren’t already familiar with it, as there seems to be a groundswell around them these days, many people talking about them and switching to them…

Thanks much,



I use both Unbounce and LeadPages, and is considering to switch entirely to Unbounce.

But I also enjoy the ConvertKit integration provided by LeadPages:

Could you please consider this, too?  Thanks.


Hi guys, 

I’m sure the Unbounce team would want to integrate as many 3rd party services as possible but it really comes down to allocating resources and time to where it would make the most impact. 

I just checked ConvertKit latest stats and they have a little over 3000 customers, which puts them way behind a number of other email marketing providers.

I’m a fan of ConvertKit and what they are doing but also as a developer know that there is a need for prioritization and focus. 

  • Zapier is a great solution for cases like this where native integration is not yet available. 

  • Another option would be to write a custom webhook that connects to ConvertKit’s API. 

A choice between a relatively small monthly fee (Zapier) or a bit larger investment for more control (webhook). 



Another happy ConvertKit user here. So glad to be done with MailChimp. It feels like I have stopped hitting my head against a wall.

Here’s another way to look at the decision: Who is Unbounce’s biggest competition? Might it be LeadPages? If that is the case, maybe the number of users is less important than the trend - how fast is the ConvertKit user base growing? How can Unbounce win against LeadPages?


ConvertKit is gaining momentum fast. Integration would be a good thing!

Many marketers I know are moving over to Convert Kit.


Hi @christybrennand,

ConvertKit already offers a webhook integration between their forms and Unbounce.

Here is the documentation on how to get it setup.



Yes, I knew that! I’m in launch mode and temporarily forgot when I saw this thread. Thanks, you guys are awesome.