Infusionsoft integration


404 Error and nginx  error.

I have followed the recipe to create a form that will push name, email into my InfusionSoft database but keep getting a 404 error with a box that says nginx error.  Interestingly enough the data gets pushed in my database but I don’t want my customer to see that error message.  

I am also trying to have PDF download button for my clients and I get the same error message.

When I call customer support they tell me it is an IT error, which sees odd because the error occurs within the UB landing page.  I am looking for a fix on this issues and any help will be greatly appreciated.  The url for the LP in question is:

Click on either button and see what happens, thanks.



Hi Steve, 
I just gave this a test on my end and I didn’t see any errors pop up when submitting the form. Can you confirm which browser you’re seeing this in? I tested on Chrome for mac and had no issues at all. Everything’s working fine for me!


I have been working on this issue nearly every day and found a guy to work the server side of things to fix it. Thanks  for your response.


Glad to hear it’s getting worked on, Steve!