Include anti-spam


I’m starting to get large amounts of spam through my Unbounce forms. Rather than having to add Cloudflare and change all of my DNS, it would be great if Unbounce included some sort of anti-spam / IP blocking directly into their platform.


Hey Boris! Sorry you’re running into issues with this, we know this is something we need to improve. It’s definitely not trivial to do this right. Companies like Cloudflare put a lot of effort into detecting malicious behaviour. We’ll be sure to update on GetSat when we have timelines on this…


This is a duplicate of another request so you actually have more people wanting this feature if you combined the requests…


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How do you prevent spam submissions on your landing page form?.

I don’t see anyway in unbounce to prevent spam submissions and I haven’t found anything on the support site to suggest how to do that. This morning I got 8 spam submissions (first time).

This alone isn’t a huge deal but then it starts to skew the A/B testing results. The other thing I would like to know now is how to delete the spam leads so that it doesn’t skew the results.