Image will not show clickable pointer in Chrome


I can’t get an image to show a pointer for the cursor so visitors know it’s clickable. I can actually see there’s some CSS in the unbounce framework and I also added my own custom CSS to try to hack it, and it works fine in other browsers, but it will not show a pointer in Chrome.

I know people will say this is a CSS question, but from my perspective, if there is a feature that works in Firefox, Safari, and IE, then it should work in Chrome. Any ideas? I really feel people will get lost if it isn’t clearly known what is clickable on the page.


Hey Jacques, I just tried this with both a plain image and a button, and in Chrome I do get a hand pointer. Are you specifying a link for your image? Also, you could send an email to with a link to your page and we’d be happy to help you out…