Image alt text


Would it be possible to add the functionality of image alt text?



Ah ha! Thanks for the quick response. Here’s my problem: I’ve been putting my images in a “box” (as background image), rather than as an “image”, so I can resize, crop, etc. So I guess that makes sense that the box doesn’t have alt text. I’ll change all my pictures to “image boxes”, once that allows for cropping/resizing etc. Do you have any idea when that will happen?

Thank you!


Hi Theresa - I wish I could give you a precise timeline on cropping/resizing feature but right now the best I can do is say that it will be here within the next few months.

Its definitely on the way though, an I can tell you we’re all looking forward to seeing it in there!


Cool. thanks!


Hi Theresa! Yes, it’s *totally* possible. In fact, we already did! If you click on any image to select it, you should be able to add alt text by entering it in the “Alt Text” box in the properties panel on the right-hand side. It’s at the bottom. Our apologies if we didn’t make this easy enough to find!