Iframe/Custom form/ PHP


hi there,

I am looking to integrate an Iframe form into my Unbounce landing page. I know that there is no PHP integration so was wondering if you could clarify what is and isn’t possible. I have received some advice from a forum I have qouted further below.

  1. The standard Iframe which is generated on our CPA database, I am awaiting clarification on how this works- is it normally the case that a standard Iframe’s code links directly to a server/ site live database, so the code I generate standalone should be enough to make it work?

  2. Custom Iframe, whereby it looks like I need the config and form PHP files in the same directory.

With the subdomain setup is there a parallel link file for the Unbounce landing page which is placed in the subdomain folder that will allow me to read a custom form folder?


>>>Hi ,

From what I’ve just read about Unbounce using an I-Frame is your only option.


So you can either use one of our i-frame forms generated through your TCH account / User profile.

Or inlclude a ready-made form in an i-frame like:

iframe src=“pmi-form.php” style=“border:none; width:400px; height:500px”> at both ends.)

You should have all the form files and NuSoap in /lib/nusoap.php
in the folder where the file which includes the i-frame is.

If you are using a subdomain - it usually points to a sub folder on your main site.

For example - your iframe is placed in index.html on landing1.yoursite.com.

landing1.yoursite.com points to yoursite.com/landing1/ , so all the form files should be located in /landing1

Hope this helps.