iContact Functionality


I know Unbounce doesn’t currently support iContact directly, but does anyone know of any custom ways to automatically drop leads into iContact? Any documentation or best practice? Even if its highly technical, at least I can pass it along a dev. Thanks in advance.


Hi there!

You can use our webhook to integrate with iContact. The amount of development required is really quite modest. You can find documentation on our webhook here:


I believe the API calls you would want to make on the iContact side are found here:


So, basically, you would…

  1. Create a script that accepts our webhook format, and translates that into the iContact format. You’d host that on your own server somewhere.

  2. Create an Unbounce page with a form on it, and turn on the webhook integration for it. You’d enter a webhook URL that points to the script you had created above.

  3. Sit back and watch leads automatically get created in iContact.

Hope that helps!