I want to make unbounce by homepage. How?


How do I set up a homepage so that my unbounce page is served?

I need to work for all versions of my homepage…



Hello John - you can achieve this without too much difficulty by adjusting your DNS settings with your hosting provider and by adding a custom domain in Unbounce.

You can find a set of steps that guides you through this process at http://support.unbounce.com/entries/2…

In your case, since you also want to use the naked URL (without the ‘www’) you will want to set up a 301 redirect to push visitors from mydomain.com to www.mydomain.com. (More on this at http://support.unbounce.com/entries/3…).

Feel free to send me an email to support@unbounce.com if you have any further questions.


Hi guys – trying to access the pages referenced in Ryan’s answer, but they appear to be down. Can you please help?