How to verify site with TradeDoubler



I’m trying to verify my domain with Tradedoubler to use iTunes affiliate links in Europe and South America. But the verification doesn’t seem to work.

Tradedoubler offers two ways to verify:

  1. To add the following code to the head of the page: or
    !–Tradedoubler site verification 2340301 -->

Publishers webbsida!

Which I tried adding through the Javascript widget but didn’t work.


  1. By creating a webpage with the following address: or
which doesn’t seem possible to do with Unbounce.

Here’s the full step-by-step guide:…

What should be done?



Hi Farid - The first verify method seems to work with most Unbounce customers. TradeDouble is very specific in where the verification code is placed. Make sure you are placing the code in your Javascript box with the placement set to “head” if you haven’t already.

If your still running into issues, give us a shout at with the name/url the specific page and we’ll be happy to dig in further.