How To Style The Radio Buttons?

Has anyone had any luck styling the Radio Buttons?

Ideally I want the whole ‘section’ of the radio button clickable like the following example (press ‘Click Demo’):

I would have thought this would be simple but I can’t quote figure it out.


Hi @Cameron_R,

Can you share what you’ve done so far and where you have trouble finishing your styling?

We’ve done custom forms with restyled radio and checkbox buttons for clients in the past and might be able to point you in the right direction.



Thanks for the reply.

I don’t have anything to share as I just couldn’t get it working in the end.

If you could just point me in the right direction that would be extremely appreciated.


Hi @Cameron_R,

In this community post, another Unbounce Expert (@Kyle.C) shared a bit of CSS to modify radio buttons.

It’s not the style you are looking for but should be enough to point you in the right direction on how to approach this.


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