How to see a list of page visitors


Hey all,

I’m sending users to an unbounce landing page with parameterized urls. IE:

I know on form submit or button click we can see the visitor’s url parameters, but in order to see a list of visitors and all the parameters they came in with, do I need to go through Google analytics? Or is there anything in unbounce that can display this?



Jeff, hi. Are you saying that, when you get the lead’s information, you’d love to see the list of pages the person browsed prior to filling the form?


I think my question is a bit more basic

for people who VISIT an unbounce page, I want to see the details of those visitors – ie: ip address / inbound parameters /etc.


Hi @jeff_d,

First things first… you have to be careful with personally identifiable information (PII) and analytics tracking. Especially Google Analytics (GA). Phone number, names, email addresses are just a few of these PIIs that can get you in trouble with GA.

Generally speaking, UTM parameters are fine as long as you don’t put PPI in them. (ex. campaign, source, etc.)

Having said that and excluding GA, you’ll need to host your own analytics package if you want to see the visitor’s IP address.

Clicky used to allow IP addresses back in the day but I haven’t used it in over 5 years. The other most popular alternative to GA is Piwik but you’ll need to host it on your own servers and I’m not certain if it would show you the IP address.

Last but not least, make sure you check you local/federal/state/country regulations on tracking and identifying visitors.