How to post form data to SugarCRM (Zapier?)


Have not quite gotten the answer I need from posts I’ve been sifting through. I want to post form data to SugarCRM as a new lead. I decided Zapier was the easiest way. However, I have to use ‘post form to URL’ to make the form data go to Sugar. That eliminates the confirmation dialog and takes it to the URL string that is just for posting the data, not a viewable page. I need to post new form submission as a New Lead in Sugar, and I want to the customer to get a confirmation dialog that their form was submitted. Help!


Hi Lynda, 

You have a couple of options:

  1. Zapier: It is indeed easy to setup and gives you a lot of flexibility.

However, based on your question, it seems that you are trying to use the Zapier link as a URL to post your form data.

Instead, you should be using the Zapier URL as a webhook. This way you can chose what happens after a form submit (Thank You Popup, redirect, etc.). The form data would get pushed to Zapier and on to SugarCRM regardless of what you chose as your form submit action.

  1. Direct Push - It’s possible to directly push the form data to SugarCRM.

In order to do it, you would have to use the “Post form to URL” but you can specify a redirect URL after the data has been recorded in SugarCRM. Therefore, your redirect URL can be another Unbounce page with a Thank You message or any other web page (on your website for example). 

To accomplish #2, you would need to create Lead Form in your SugarCRM panel. ( Campaign > Lead Form).

Once you do that, you would get an HTML code where you’ll find the exact field IDs you need to use, the hidden fields you need to add to your form and the URL you would be posting the data to.