How to not track visitors


Is there some url parameters that I can add to the unbounce link that will tell unbounce not to track the visitors ? I need it to share the page with friends for feedback without influencing the conversion rates.


You can filter out their IP address.

Or just duplicate the page to a different URL and send the new page for review.


Hi there - There’s a few way you could do this.

As Andrew mentioned above, you can show them a duplicate of the page or filter out their IP by going to Settings > IP Filters

Another alternative is to provide them with a link to the actual variant. When the page is accessed this way, it doesn’t count the traffic or conversions.

Before you proceed with this method, I do need to caution this is a bit of a hidden feature that’s not officially supported. At some point we may remove this feature altogether, so do keep in mind this may not always be a viable solution.


If your landing page URL is you can access the direct variant by appending the variant letter + .html to the end of the URL.

So, if the example URL above had 2 variants, variant ‘A’ and variant ‘C’, you would access them like so:

Keep in mind that while both methods don’t track stats, it will still capture lead data.