How to make PayPal 'buy now' price or amount to be set by what user inputs in the form


How to set price for paypal dynamically?

I have a landing page for proofreading services website. I have a form, where the user inputs the number of words he wishes to proofread. I have a price of 10$ per 1000 words. So I can’t just create a button using paypal builder they provide, I need to do some coding, sigh.

Now, this the custom HTML code I have added on the page and which creates paypal buy now button, where XXX is paypal email:

And I know that this javascript can somehow be altered, so that it will help me achieve what I need, but I’m not really sure how to stick all these pieces together.

Instead of ‘29.00’ I should be obviously passing the amount of words, that the user inputs in the form, multiplied by 0.01. I just don’t know how to do that.

I also tried to do this completely differently, by passing the values using the form confirmation button and then in “Form Confirmation” --> Go to another webpage --> and the URL was…=???

The tricky part, again, is where I’ve put ‘???’.

I’m feeling like I’m slowly going mad. Please help :slight_smile:


Hey Jurijs - for something like this, you might want to try hiring a contractor from oDesk or Elance. As long as PayPal supports it, someone with good Javascript chops should be able to help so you don’t have to go mad.

Hopefully this helps lead to a solution.


I actually thought about it right after I posted this thread. Already invited some contractors from elance. But thanks for your reply anyway :slight_smile: