How to make a text appear and disappear?

Hello, is it possible to reproduce this functionality?
The text disappears and another text reappears.
URL here:

In screen the place where it happens :

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey there @Florian_Maroto.

Here’s a link to the community workaround which pretty much replicates the functionality in the page you linked:

Great !
Thanks Oliver :slight_smile:

My pleasure Florian. It’s a cool workaround I’ve used a number of times on my pages, so let me know if you have any issues getting this to work for you.

It’s good. It’s works :slight_smile:

However, can we change the color of the cursor? Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey Florian. Glad to hear that you have this working on your page now :grinning:

I see in the typed text script that the cursor has its own class (’+this.cursorChar+"). I think that it would be possible to add some custom CSS to target this class, and change the colour. My advice here would be to post n the original thread, to see if anyone can help add this CSS to your page.

Hope that this helps Florian!