How to insert Paypal unto landing page


Creating fundraiser landing page and need to find out how to insert Paypal buttons on page


Hi Michael - Once you’ve created your button within Paypal, you should be presented with some HTML code. This code can be placed in a CustomHTML element.…


Thanks Johnny
I have got it and i want one more thing that ‘tweet after purchase’ with paypal functionality.Any idea about that?


Hi Holly - I believe you have to setup a ‘redirect’ page after the purchase is complete.…

If you specify your own page or an unbounce page you can then embed a tweet button.…

Hope this is what you were looking for!


Hi Johnny,

Do you know how to change the style of the PayPal button in Unbounce?

Id like to use a BOB rather than the standard Paypal style button used…

Any help would be appreciated.



Hey Dan - Just to confirm you would want to use Unbounce styling with PayPal functionality?

If so can you link me to a page with one of your existing paypal buttons. This way I can figure out if there’s a simply way to combine the two


Hi Johnny,

I am creating a page in Unbounce, I want to use the orange CTA Unbounce button, with the HTML code that PayPal supplies for a standard Buy Now button.

Sadly, I’ve not got anything live yet. I guess Im just asking if it possible and if so how would I do it? I’m assuming I would need to remove the PayPal button code from the PayPal HTML?


Hey Dan - I think Johnny just stepped away from this desk for a bit, but it is definitely possible.

You can create a new Unbounce button and then grab some code from the PayPal button embed, append that to a PayPal URL, and set the entire thing as your Unbounce button link.

There’s a pretty great tutorial for creating the URL that you’d need here:…


Hi Quin,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I think this will work for what I need!

I’ll post back on here if I need further support.


Hi all,

I have a similar question, but with some added complexity. I am trying to do what Dan is doing, but my PayPal button also includes a drop-down menu to allow the buy to select their desired size. So, I will somehow need make a button that also allows the buyer to make a selection.

Any ideas??


This would be handy to know also Tyrone.

I had a go at including the drop down menu also but couldn’t get it working.


Hi Dan and Tyrone - I don’t think having a custom drop down is possible using an Unbounce button. The drop down means that instead of just a button, you’ll need an entire form.

With the button, you just need to add a few parameters, but for forms, PayPal requires a few other things, including a custom tag, which you aren’t able to insert into an Unbounce form (there’s more detail on that here under the section about specifying the type of payment button).

You could code a form from scratch and style that however you’d like–you can use a custom HTML element to put that on your Unbounce page and our External Conversion Tracking script to make sure you can still track the clickthroughs, but I don’t think it’s possible to make this work with an Unbounce form.


Are you able to have more than one paypal buttons on a page?