How to direct non-www. urls to the www. url


Hi all - quick question, when setting up the CNAME record I used www. and pointed it to (it works fine)

However, I’m occasionally losing a bit of traffic that is going to the non-www. version of the site…how do I correct this?




Hi Sam - So far as the internet is concerned, ‘’ and ‘’ are completely different addresses and so getting both to work with your landing pages requires an extra step.

To use the naked domain (the one without the ‘www’ prefix), we recommend creating a ‘301 redirect’ to push visitors from ‘’ to ‘’ instead. You can read a bit more about setting this up at….

Alternately, you can use the free service WWWizer ( to handle the redirect for you. You simply point your root domain to their IP address with an A record. You can read more about their service at

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know!


Hi… Please Help me … I don’t get use my site in one adress : I have always 2 adress :frowning:  and    I use your plugin and Wordpress for domain…  I want have once adress only I mean :  how can I do it?