How to create privacy policy and terms and conditions for my landing page?

Hey, I need to create a privacy policy, terms and conditions and disclaimer for my landing pages. How do I do it?

I got confused with the lightbox thing and I dont have knowledge about javascript and html.

Just need to make three pages - Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer.

Please help me with this.

Thanks in advance community :smiley:

Hey Mr.Sam,

Often what folks do is just create another page entirely that includes those details. Then just add them as text links in the footer of the landing page.

Are you needing guidance as to what you need to include in your policies and conditions, etc?


Hey thanks for the reply. Will do that.

And yes I know what to include in privacy and terms :smiley:


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What’s quite a good solution is to take Kyle’s suggestion a step further and put them in lightboxes. Keeps everything grouped together better both for yourself and visitors…

Just because these policies got so complicated we moved to commercial service (Iubenda) which provides a URL which we activate on the landing page via a button, open URL in lightbox. That way when a change is made to the policy it is automatically reflected on the various landing pages. It costs next to nothing and saves hours of work.


+1 for IUbenda. I use it on several projects as well as on some Unbounce pages.