How to Create Mini-Sites


I’m looking to use a mini-site for my landing page in which the landing page actually has a header w/ links to multiple other pages. On the right side of each page is the sign-form, but the left side of the page changes (new copy and images) when you click one of the links in the header.

The only way that I know how to create this mini-site is by piecing together several landing pages (all with the same exact header) so that when a link is clicked in the header, you just move to a separate landing page.

The problem with this linking together of separate landing pages is that I have to track conversions on each individual page rather than just track the conversions of the mini-site as a whole.

Am I wrong about this? Is there an easy way to track the conversions of the mini-site as a whole? (I’ll be creating many versions of the mini-site, so I’d like to track their performance as a whole.)

Is there a way that each individual page can page within the mini-site can share the same URL? This mini-site seems to have just 1 URL, but I’m not sure I can create a site w/ this kind of functionality in Unbounce:…


You are correct as it stands. You can’t make one section of your page/site persistant while others change. You’ll also have multiple forms, thus multiple conversion buckets. You might avoid the ‘multiple forms’ issue by not using UB’s and dropping in custom code for something like Wufoo.

I’ve built a number of mini-sites using UB…key is to really plan out the template so that when you clone Page 1 you don’t realize you need to tweak, because if you have 10 pages you’ll be making 10 tweaks so there’s consistency.