How to create auto-filled email form fields?


So I’ve been trying to find an answer for this for a while.

I’m designing automation workflows in Hubspot and I’m sending my contacts links to Unbounce landing pages.

I need to make the experience as smooth as possible. More specifically I need to get this done:

Once the contact clicks on the landing page link in the email they go to the Unbounce landing page with information already filled in form, preferably the email field.

Can you guys help? :slight_smile:


Should be easy as adding ?email=~hubspotemailfieldname~ where the last part is your system’s email merge field. Here’s a Hubspot article about it.…


Like Gary said, you need to map the field name from the CRM, in this case HubSpot to the field in the Unbounce landing page. You can make the id of the Unbounce page anything you want so mapping in should be pretty simple.


Yes, and since Hubspot likely matches form submissions by email address, you could make the Unbounce email field ‘hidden’ , thereby preventing the contact from changing the address and creating a mis-match in their reply. When the form is submitted, it will pass the hidden email back over to Hubspot, assuming you’ve got the form linked back to there somehow. We use Infusionsoft, and will sometimes pass the data to an existing Infusion custom form, or I’ll use Zapier and create the connection there, which allows for more complex field-matching scenarios, tagging, filtering etc.


Thanks, Joe and Gary. That was very helpful! I was able to do exactly what I needed to!