How to add pages in Custom Domain?


I have added a custom domain in Unbounce and i have created a cname for When i see the settiings it says CNAME Working fine.

But i could see 0 pages have added even though i have published a page. Whet needs to be done this regard. Where asm i suppose to link the URL to that particular page.


Hi Shaikul,
I have responded to a very similar request that was sent as a private message, if this wasn’t you then here’s what needs to happen:

  • send us an email at and include a link to the page that you want to change the URL for

We will unpublish that page for you which will allow you to go in and select your new custom domain as the page’s domain, and re-publish.

The ability for you to unpublish a page yourself, or change the URL of a published page is coming very soon.



Hi Carter,

You didnt get my question at all… In FAQ it says it is enough if we publish a page and create a CNAME to custom domain our published page will show up in that custom domain.

But after i does that it showing 404 Error page… What should be done for this… Need an urgent reply to start my AD Campaign. It also says CNAME working fine.



Hi Shaikul, please send an email to with the email that your account is under and I will help you out right away.