How to add domain to unbounce?


Hey, suppose I have the domain www.bestoffers. com and I would like to link it to unbounce.

Now, I want the domain to function like for example -

  1. bestoffers. com/get-the-food-on-offer
  2. bestoffers. com/get-the-phone
  3. bestoffers. com/get-the-gadget.

Those 3 are separate campaign landing pages that I want to connect to my domain like that so when people visit bestoffers. com/get-the-food-on-offer, they would be taken to the landing page that I created for food campaign. Similarly, when people visit bestoffers. com/get-the-phone, they should be taken to the phone campaign offer.

How do I do like that?

Currently, the domain that I want to do like that is integrated into WordPress. So, how do I proceed from here?

Looking for some guidance on this.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Sam, if you’re using the Unbounce WordPress plugin, this is very easy to do. Just make sure that those URL paths are not currently being used by other (non-Unbounce) pages first.

The specific steps for setting up domains using the WordPress/Unbounce plugin, can be found here: