How to Add text platform integration with Aweber's list data. I need to add the thank you page url string field


I will be capturing the form data via the unbounce forms. Call Loop provides integration with the Aweber, and Aweber is integrated with Call Loop. My last step if is to place the url string within the unbouce forms provided by Call Loop.
I have already added the third party application with Aweber.

Is this possible. Or, I am forced to use AWEBER Forms if I want to use their apps.

My data is passing into Aweber fine, just not the phone numbers that should next pass to Call Loop.

Thank you in advance.


Hey Shane

I’m a bit unsure of how Aweber-CallLoops integration works, but from this page it seems like it’s reliant on having the phone number field passed through to the custom ‘thank you page’ that they generate.…

You could try following the same instructions in that article to create the Call Loop thank you page, then have your Unbounce form redirect there, but I can’t guarantee that will work.

Alternatively Zapier handles an integration between Unbounce and Call Loop. Might be a viable solution if you don’t mind using another third party.…