How I Would Like To Manage A Shitload Of UB Pages


Ah, sorry…long day. This is not what I was talking about. I’m talking about #5 - this would save me HOURS. The page variants only saves me if I got everything right…once I’ve built out a mini site, and have to edit the HEADER, let’s say, I have to go through every damn page and edit each one accordingly.

I want to take that header page section edit and port it to the other ten pages.


any word on this in the roadmap?


What is the status on these issues? As far as I can tell, it’s been 9 months and almost none of these 6 great ideas has been transformed into reality.

I would really like to see LP Grouping, and some kind of global elements, so that if we need a change to, for example the signup form, we can do it all at once.


Getting desperate for Grouping - my landing pages are out of control !


Exactly. Just remember to “Like” this idea so that the Unbounce guys see this :slight_smile:


Just a quick thread update that page grouping (wish #5) is available in Unbounce Labs. See Carter’s official announcement for more information:


I feel the need to be really clear: the Wish #5 in this thread has nothing to do with Groups.

Where is the team at on moving/sharing snippets/page sections between pages/campaigns?

Example: The header section of ALL of our landing pages is identical. Any change means I’ve gotta go through 30 pages to make the same change 30 times. I use UB almost every day, and this is a huge time drag.

I get roadmaps, so no hate on not having this out at this point, but you’ve gotta be careful with Carter implying people are being heard for more than a year. He’s often suggested that moving Variants between pages was the feature being asked for and it most certainly isn’t.

How I Would Like To Manage A Shitload Of UB Pages (a year ago - this thread)
Can content be copied between pages? (year)
Apply changes across variants(7 months - Carl)
Creating MiniSites on Unbounce(1 month)
Copy thank you page to other campaigns (1 month ago, “we’ll tackle this soon”)

Honestly, put me out of my misery and tell me it’s NOT coming:)


I would add that in some ways, Groups is not really adding any significant time savings. When you’re in a group page edit mode, and then click to Dashboard, you get put back outside the group.

Also, what about duplicating a “group” of pages? We manage 4 or 5 sales pages for resellers, and when I onboard a new one, I have to copy and change 5 pages, versus being able to just copy the group, make a single logo change that carries across all pages in the group, etc.

If we are to really get the benefit of using UB to manage large numbers of pages, we really need global elements, and several global element types that can be changed once, and carried across a group of pages.


Hey Derek,
That was definitely our mistake marking item #5 as being finished - it’s clearly not (Evan meant to comment on #2 instead). This “sharing content between pages” feature request is outstanding, and is a huge feature - both in benefit to our customers, and in effort on our part. Unfortunately I can’t put you out of your misery by telling you it’s NOT coming, because it is - I just don’t have an ETA to give you quite yet.

We have a list of editor-related features that we have prioritized (currently at the top of the list are: rounded corners and gradients, making template image assets available in the image library, and sharing content between pages), and we’re in the process of building out our editor-focused team so that we can knock these things off the list sooner than later. If you want to help with that, please feel free to share our Javascript Developer job posting :slight_smile:


Hey Ryan, these are mostly the features we’ve got planned to implement before we move Page Grouping out of “Labs” and make it the norm for everyone. We recognize the inability to duplicate groups, rename groups, etc… make it less than ideal as a fully supported feature.

That being said, see my comment above to Derek about making batch changes to content across multiple pages (changing a logo once and having it carry across all pages). We will likely move Page Grouping out of labs before we have that feature implemented.


Unbounce is just not the right tool to manage larger amount of landing pages at the moment and looking at current pace of innovation it won’t be any time soon.

Definitely nice tool to throw something up quick without hassle, but causing serious frustration when you start to have a more sizable account.


I couldn’t agree more… the number one reason (despite loving unbounce) that we continue to look for alternatives is because there is not way to share / transfer elements between pages or to make universal changes to group of pages. If I’m going to build navigation to link a group of pages, I’d really love to build it once. And (as previously mentioned) onboarding new clients is a horrendous process - it takes hours to update each clickable element across a group of pages. PLEASE move this to the top of your priority list. I suspect that those who aren’t asking for it just haven’t realized what they could accomplish if they had it…


While I’ve been faithful to Unbounce, I did give Lander a try. Looks like they copied everything UB has, just a slightly different UI. That means UB still has an opportunity to differentiate and have an offering for agencies.


Hey guys.
Quite new to Unbounce but immediately I felt a need of having something described in points 4 and 5. Did anything change since the discussion started? I have 15 pages right now and as many elements are exactly the same, it’s huge time waster having to do 15 times copy/paste (actually 15x2 or so).


Hey Filip, lots has changed since this discussion started and those two points have since shot up to the top of our priority list. In addition to supporting mobile-ready pages with responsive design which we’ve started, and accommodating dynamic text insertion for customers running PPC campaigns (which is now in a closed beta,) these two projects are next.


Alright thx. Keep up the good work guys.


UPDATE: Hey everyone, we’ve posted a video screencast of the direction we’re thinking of taking to solve the “managing javascript across lots of pages” problem. Check it out and let us know your feedback!


Ryan… I keep bumping into you with things I want to request but you already have… lol Vet Marketing Firm


yo are a really champ


Hey Everyone!

Script manager has now moved out of labs

If you have any other feedback or suggestions please share them in the post below:…