How do you resolve competing javascripts?

I have a lot of on scroll.css on my page but when I added them it removed my typed-text animation. And when I add the type-text animation newly, it then cancels out my on scroll.css animations. Any tips on how to resolve the competing scripts?

Here is my page where you can see on section 4 the typed-text effect that cancels out as soon as you add any other on scroll or onload animations.

What I did was delete both jquerys…and it worked.

You might wanna test the order of both scripts. Sometimes the order in which you call them would make a difference. (Thats just me thinking out loud :smiley:)

I figured it out guys. @gnvw was right. Removing the Jquery from the typed-text effect solved the problem. You can see the all animations and the typed-text effect working here: