How do I un-link an integration when I'm missing the email mapping field?


I’m not able to complete or delete the integration w/mailchimp. The page I’m actually using doesn’t have any form field’s.


Hi Brian, 

At this point, the only thing you should have to do is click ’ Cancel Field Map’ and this integration should be removed.  


Hey Justin - Canceling Field Mapping didn’t work, but this is how I solved the issue. I added a custom field for “EMAIL” and redirected it to an existing field. After that I received the “Finished Integration Screen”. I was then able to delete. Thank you!


That’s great, Brian! Sorry my fix didn’t work, I guess I didn’t 100% understand the question. My follow up would have been to do exactly _what you did; but you beat me to it! Colour me impressed. :) 
Happy Holidays!


Justin - No problem… I appreciate the awesome support, which did lead me to the solution…

Thanks ~ Brian


Brian - Is there a way to mass remove integration to all pages?


Hi Nick, 

There isn’t a way to mass remove for all pages, but we’ve put through a request with our development team to help you out with removing the sales force integration for you. Hang tight!