How do I track conversions for an app download?


I have an app that I am trying to get people to download from my landing page. On my landing page, the visitor can click one of two options: either downloading the app for their android (button takes user to google play store) or, another button takes iOS users to it the App store to download the app.

How do I track conversion so as to know how many people are actually downloading the app due to my landing page?

Please advise!


You can link it as a conversion in your “conversions” tab

Hope this helps


Hi there!

If you’re looking to track conversions for app downloads, your best bet is going to be to mark both links as conversions in Unbounce as Vlad had mentioned. This will mark each ‘download’ button click as a conversion in Unbounce. The only issue with this is that we aren’t able to see if the app was actually downloaded or not, so the conversion data might not be 100% accurate.

With that being said, it looks like Google Analytics has a way to track actual app downloads, which will be pretty valuable for being able to dig down and see what funnel your downloads are coming from. I haven’t actually used this myself, so I won’t be able to really dive into how this actually works, but you can find more information about that here:…

Most of our customers choose to integrate with Google Analytics anyways, so adding this should be a natural extension of your analytics efforts in general.

Hope this helps!