How do I make my unbounce landing page a visable page on my wordpress website?


Any advice on how to get my landing page to show up my wordpress website?
I have tried I framing it in and got an error “server not found”.
I cannot use the unbounce landing pages if I cannot put them on our websites…

Thanks, Sandra


I did this by embedding the page via iframe tag. I used this plugin which makes embdedding iframe secure:…


Hey Sandra - I believe we recently touched base via support tickets. As Mohammed mentioned (thanks for providing that link!) you can definitely use an iFrame to show off your Unbounce landing page. Unfortunately we do not currently integrate directly with Wordpress at this time.


Good news! This is about to get  much easier, since we have just officially released a  Wordpress Integration  which you can start using today. Check out the announcement and install the plugin to get started.