How do I make a pop up background unclickable?

I am currently having an issue with a pop up on my landing page. By default, you can exit Unbounce pop ups by clicking on the surrounding area of the pop up. Seeing as financial advertising laws require us to ensure a user agrees to the pop up before seeing the page, this makes my landing page uncompliant which is causing us issues.

Does anybody know how to make the surrounding area unclickable? Like on this website

Thank you in advance!

Hey @OliverCourt23 - Unbounce pop ups aren’t really designed to be used as gates (see this post for some explanation around it).

Maybe have a look at some of the suggestions in the above linked discussion :slight_smile:

Thanks, I managed to get a developer to write some code for me to make it work, please find below if anybody needs


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Ah super cool! Thanks for sharing it :slight_smile:

@Jess might be worth adding as an official script?


Here is an updated version that works better btw :slight_smile:


This is amazing!! Thanks for looping me in @Zoe_Tattersall I’ll see about turning this into an official workaround for more folks to have a look – especially with so many new changes to privacy and compliance, this is a terrific bit of functionality!

I’ve got to send you both some Unbounce swag for this, keep an eye on your DMS :eyes: