How do I make a box appear after a certain time



I would like to hide a complete box and let it appear after a certain time.
The box includes several objects (a CTA button and pictures).

I found several javascripts but none is working for me.

My first attempt looked like this:

But it has no influence on the page…

Important is that if someone has addons like “noscript” the box should be displayed right from the beginning.

Who has an idea how make that working?



Hi Julian,

Try this, to get you started:

window.setTimeout(function () {   
}, 2000);   

Be sure to replace #lp-pom-box-102 with the ID of the box you want the script to act on, and 2000 with how many milliseconds you wish to wait before the box re-appears.

Hope that points you in the right direction!


Hi Mark,

thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately the script has no effect on my page.

The page is the following:

I tried to hide the box, the button and the page section with yours and with similar codes. The ideal scenario would be to hide a complete page section (example: “…” - Here it is revealed after 10 seconds).

Can you take a look at it?



Hey Julian!

Try moving the placement of the script to ‘before body end tag’.

Also, since you are hiding a section instead of a box, you’ll have to manually hide all children elements with javascript as well since their positions on page sections are absolute.

So you’ll also want to call

('#lp-pom-button-75').hide(); (’#lp-pom-button-75’).show();

In the appropriate place.


Hi Johnny,

thanks for your help!
It is woking now.


Hello. This should be a simple option (check box) on the builder like in ClickFunnels) Are you planning on adding this?