How do I Backup my Landing Pages?



How do I backup my landing pages so I can restore them if anything bad happens/mistakes happen?

I am talking about a weekly download.



Hi Ben!

We currently do daily snapshot backups of Unbounce, plus the database is replicated to a backup system in realtime, *and* all your published pages are also stored on Amazon’s S3 service (which itself is multiply redundant). So, you’re really pretty well protected by default from system-related “bad” things happening.

You’re less protected from user errors, and we don’t currently have a way for you to download and then restore your page in a way that could help you with this. We’re hoping to offer a change history and the ability to revert to a previous version, but that’s something we haven’t gotten around to implementing yet.

In the meantime, you could duplicate sensitive pages within Unbounce as a form of backup. If you’re doing some highly experimental editing you could also create a variant of your page first. Hope those suggestions help a bit!



Any more information regarding this? Is “backup&restore” in developement?


Hey Borut, and any others that follow. A while ago (February of 2014) we released a feature that enables you to download (and upload) your Unbounce pages as “.unbounce” files. Inside this file includes all of the data that makes up your published page, include the images and assets that go with it. This file cannot just be uploaded to a separate server though, it can only be read in Unbounce. Hopefully this gives you some piece of mind for making backups of pages that you or your team work on frequently. Here is the knowledge base article on how to use the feature:…

Hope that helps!