How can my client with no login to unbounce preview all variants of a page?


have a client who wants to review the individual variants.
he has no login to unbounce.
so sending him “preview” links won’t work
sending him the URL to the page will show only one variant.

how can my client with no login to unbounce preview all variants of a page?


Hi Johnny,

I am trying to do this with one of my pages and am unable to. Could it be because the variant I’m trying it with hasn’t ever been a champion variant? It is currently considered a “Challenger Page Variant”.

Thank you,


Hey Omar,

It should still work. Are you sure the page is live? You may want to clear your cache/cookies as well.

Let me know if that works. If not, I would be glad to help!


Hi Stefano,

That didn’t seem to work for me. Below you can see what I am trying to accomplish, I would like to preview the D variant using the above method but am unable to. All other variants preview successfully, even the discarded ones. Could you help?

Thanks again.


Hi Omar, 
Do you have any traffic assigned to the variant? Even if it’s just 1% it should work fine. 


You have to have at least 1% of traffic assigned to it to get it to become active. After it become visible, you should be able to drop the 1% back to 0% and it stays active.

Not ideal if you’re setting it up as a challenger to an existing page as you might still end up sending some traffic to an unfinished page, even at 1% for a couple of minutes.

The alternative is to do it as a separate page, then move the variant across to the correct page later.


No traffic was assigned, I will assign it 1% for now. Thank you both!


Glad to hear you got it :wink:


Hi Florian - You can provide your client with the url of each variant.

Each variant page can be accessed by simply appending /a.html to to the end of your landing page url. The “a” is the variant letter of the page you wish to access.

So if your page URL is “”, you can access variant A and variant B like so:

Keep in mind this is only for preview/testing purposes. Traffic directly to your variants using the method above are not counted in your stats.