How can I send an automatic confirmation email to leads, generated by my email form?


I want to send an automatic confirmation email like this example:http:


use mailchimp integration, a great way to complete your project, this option is not free


Hi Stephan, wanted to chime in here and let you know that we have an article which speaks on how to integrate your Unbounce page with MailChimp:…

In the process, there is a step which allows you to choose whether you want to automatically send a confirmation email, or a welcome email to each new lead.

This integration is free with Unbounce pages but you will need an account with MailChimp.


The screen shots in the Integration With MailChimp document are not the same as what shows up on UnBounce.  The options are different.  Subscribers are not getting opt-in confirmation emails from MailChimp.  Is it a problem on your end or theirs??


Hey Sissy

I’m not sure what’s happening there but i’d be happy to check this isn’t a issue on the Unbounce end. I’ll send you a email shortly so we can dig into this.


I figured it out.  I had picked the option to “configure auto responders in MailChimp” instead of the option “Confirmation Email”.  I’d like to say it’s pretty confusing, because the option I needed to pick seemed as if UnBounce would be sending the confirmation, not MailChimp…maybe the wording could be worked on.


Ah thanks for clarifying Sissy. Sorry if that was unclear. I’ll pass along that feedback to the team.