How can I offer to user, while on registration process, to ask us to re-send an automatic confirmation email to him?


in the middle of filling up the lead form (we do it in few steps) i would like to offer the user to review his email address [that he gave in step 01] and to tell him:
Check your inbox to see that you got your welcome email"
up until here it is all good
but how do we make it so we can ad a button says “resend me an email” (in case the user dont find our email)

this is a common practice exist on many registration processes.
User can trigger additional email to be send to him (confirmation email)

Can it be done?
we are integrated with Mailchimp, sure


Hi Gil, 

Thanks for reaching out to the Community! I haven’t seen any responses on this one yet so I thought I’d chime in myself. There’s a couple things here that might prove to be a challenge, and a few things I’m not quite clear on.

The first is the purpose for the ‘resend me an email’ button. Have you received feedback from your leads that they aren’t receiving their emails? Generally speaking, if the user signs up through the form (which then fires out to mailchimp), there’s no way they’re not going to receive the email. If there was any kind of error, you would see an integration error in your mailchimp integration. If you’re not seeing any errors in Unbounce, then the users are definitely getting the email.

Second, if the purpose of the button was to simply re-send the email, the only thing this would do is re-send the email exactly the same way as it did the first time. So if there’s any issue with email the first time (such as a typo, or an integration mixup), then the button would repeat the error the second time as well. This remains true if the email is getting caught in their spam/promotions folder, too. 

The third issue that I think you might run into is that I don’t believe you can send someone multiple welcome emails in Mailchimp. I found this post that explains a bit about it, but it looks like you’d need to set up an advanced automation (and even then, I’m not sure if it would work). I would confirm with MailChimp about this functionality as well. 

Lastly, I would love to see a few examples of how other registration signups tackle this approach as I personally haven’t experienced this yet. Can you share some examples of registration signups that implement this button? 

Can’t wait to hear back, Gil!