How can I make my form stick to the right of the browser?


I am building a fairly long page with lots of video/images, therefore I would like my form to permanently stick to the right of the users browser…always visible.

I can see no option in the options panel to do this, however, is there a css script I can add to make this happen?

(I have managed to stick the form to the left, however it needs to be on the right!)

Add Fixed form On Scroll To Your Landing Page

Hey Jon - With a little CSS you can fix it from the right. Here’s a script that should do the trick:

<br />
#lp-pom-form-9 { <br />
  position:fixed; <br />
  top: 100px; <br />
  right:100px; <br />
  margin:0 auto; <br />
  margin-right: 0px
<br />
} <br /> </style>```   
Replace #lp-pom-form-9 with your form ID and adjust the 'top' and 'right' values as needed   
I do need to caution that while this script does fix your form to the right, it will overlap your centered content if the visitor resizes their browser smaller than your defined page width.


Wow, super duper, this works perfect. Thanks!

Yes, know what you mean re overlapping content, however, should be fine on this particular page.