How can I integrate Unbouce with Odoo?


I need to be able to integrate Unbounce and Odoo (OpenERP). Form submissions and such. 
I know there is a way with a third party called Zapier but its not working. Has anyone here ever worked with Odoo and Unbounce? 


Hi Eduardo, 

I haven’t worked with Odoo and Unbounce before but I’ve used Zapier with Unbounce. 

I’ve had a bit of trouble setting it up the first time, but after I figured out my incorrect setup of the webhook Zapier provides, everything fell into place. 

My tip to you is to make sure your webhook is working properly and sending over the correct fields. 

You can always reach out to the awesome Unbounce support team and I’m sure they can help you get it running. 



Thank you, 
The WebHook doesn’t appear to be working and it appears that Zapier will not work with the BASE URL being So I need to find another way.