Highrise CRM intergration - Manual entry is so 2001


How about integration for 37 Signals Highrise CRM? At the moment I have to do this through wufoo, which means another site to sign up to and pay fees at.


Hi Ben, thanks for the suggestion! We do hope to include more integrations soon, we’re just not able to integrate with everybody instantly. That said, we *do* offer a Webhook. If you have any server-side scripting abilities, or can cajole a friend who does into helping you out, it would probably be fairly straightforward to write a PHP script that accepted our Webhook, and posted to the Highrise API.

Our Webhook docs are here:


And the Highrise CRM API docs for adding a person are here:


I know that’s not as easy a solution as “just turn on our Highrise integration”, sorry!


Thanks for the information. At the moment that is a bit out of my league. :slight_smile:

I was more frustrated as I only found this out AFTER I set up a Wufoo form that worked with our Highrise only to find out I now don’t get conversions.

I didn’t see anything about the conversions not being registered on this page: http://unbounce.com/partners/wufoo/ so was expecting Unbounce and Wufoo to be a bit more “integrated”



Well, at the bottom of the page we state the following:

Note: When using an external form like Wufoo, you won’t see the conversion tracking on your Unbounce stats page, but we will be working on capabilities like this in the future. Give us a nudge if this is of Kung Fu importance to you and we’ll see what we can do to bump it up the priority list.

although looking at it now, I can see it would be easy to miss. We do also mention it in the video.

Regardless, better Wufoo integration is something we’re working on, so you can expect to see something there reasonably soon-ish.


Ahh, my bad.

Didn’t see that there.


Hi Ben,

I am Pete with OneSaas. (http://www.onesaas.com) We are a cloud integration company. Our Unbounce connector is currently in beta, and we offer a Highrise CRM connector as well as many others. This solution would capture contacts from the Unbounce landing page and push them into your CRM automatically.


Hello! Does Unbounce now integrate with Highrise CRM? Just asking since this post is a few years old, and was wondering if there have been integration updates since then. Thanks.


Hi M,

No official integration but you can use Zapier to connect your Highrise account and Unbounce.