Hi, How do I outsource my design?


Hi, How do I outsource my design? I want to give someone a sketch or a publisher file which they then turn into a design I can plug into my unbounce account. Any ideas?


Hi Tala, 

My team and I, specialise in landing page design and more specifically Unbounce landing pages. 

We’ve worked with dozens of companies creating and optimizing hundreds of pages in different verticals. 

Shoot me a quick email at: h [at] revise [dot] cc   with a bit more details about your project and we’ll see if we are a good match to work together. 



I had the same thing when I first began. I found Greg Judd at Disruptive Advertising that created exactly what I wanted from a sketch I designed. Give Greg a call, he will take care of you:




Thanks Steve.  I’ll check them out.