Hi guys, does anyone know how to do leadlinks?


Leadlinks allow people on your email list to register for webinars etc. just by clicking an email link, and without having to re-enter their email address, does anyone know how to do this using unbounce?


Hey Alexander! 
Sorry about the massive delay here. We’ve been working internally to develop a way to achieve this type of functionality with Unbounce. Admittedly, we’ve been running into a moral dilemma as to whether or not we should share this workaround with the Community, as it has the potential to be abused if you’re not using it for it’s intended purpose. 

Regardless, I’m going to touch base with my team and see if we can release a how-to guide to show marketers ‘how’, but also include a disclaimer to explain ‘why’ you should use something like this and the risks/downfalls as well. 

Hang tight!