Hi all brand new to unbounce


Hi all brand new to unbounce my web view looks great but my mobile view terrible, when i adjust the mobile view it changes the web view again how do i stop it.seems I must pick what i want. A good looking web view or mobile view


Hey Jason,

Congrats on getting started with Unbounce!  

The good news is that this is a pretty easy fix.
Just hold down control when making edits in mobile or desktop to avoid impacting your design on the other.  Also if you design desktop first you can switch to the mobile editor and click apply layout assistant to entire page to have everything roughly sized and oriented to work for your mobile version.  It is not perfect, but provides a good base to work from when optimizing the mobile version of your landing page.

Hope that helps and wishing you evermore conversions!

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You can also choose to make some elements visible in mobile and some other elements visible in desktop only. 


Hi Jason, 

Excellent pointers from Joe and Kenji. 

If I may add one more thing, make sure you are not moving content between different sections. 

Your desktop and mobile views won’t be affected if the actual content stays in the same section. Use plenty of sections and you should be fine. 

My pages have anywhere from 3 to 8 or even 10 sections, depending on the length of the page. 



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really appretiate this


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Doesn’t everyone think that unbounce has this wrong? 

It should be the other way around… 

Mobile and Desktop views are so diametrically opposed that any changes made to either should automatically NOT affect the other. I.e. you should hit the control if you want the changes to be made on the other view. 

I find myself forgetting to hit control and then moving to the other view to find a  whole lot of unintended changes. Then i ask why and when would anyone actually want to make changes to a page view they actually see? It doesn’t make sense to me… When did you actually want to change the text, picture, video size and location without actually seeing it in front of you? 

Unbounce, IMO you have it very wrong here and makes for a lousy user experience. 


Hi Andi, 

When you are pushing mixed traffic (desktop + mobile) to your pages, the underlying page shouldn’t differ substantially. 

Otherwise, when you are comparing conversion rates, you won’t know what made someone convert. 

Also, in order to be able to make informed decisions about your landing page performance, ideally, you would be breaking down the results in Google Analytics.

As I previously mentioned above, keeping content within the same page section is the best way to ensure that your desktop/mobile views don’t get messed up. 

Resizing page elements in mobile/desktop won’t affect their placement. 

Changing the actual text and images, however, would affect both variations.
If you really need to change text, between the two views, your best route is to hide the unwanted text from one and insert the desired edits/new text. 

Last but not least, the holding down of the cmd/control shortcut isn’t really intended to allow you to rearrange the whole page between views. 



I really like it .


Hey Andi,
Hristian’s answer is spot on (thanks Hristian!) but I just wanted to acknowledge your point. Holding the "ctrl"button (“command” on a Mac) while moving an element is actually a pattern that has existed in Unbounce for a while even back when we only had a desktop view and no mobile. We first introduced it because we saw the need to sometimes move elements (like an arrow pointing inward at a lead-gen form) outside the visual boundary of a page section, while still keeping it a part of that section so that they would stay together regardless of how the section scaled or shifted on the page.

When we introduced Mobile Responsive, we didn’t want to reverse the way the “ctrl + drag” keyboard shortcut worked as that proved to be even more confusing (if holding “ctrl” in desktop ensured you didn’t re-parent the element, while holding “ctrl” in mobile made sure that you did.)

That being said, we understand it presents a user experience problem the way it is, as it’s not very intuitive. This is on our list of usability issues that we intend to make better, regardless of the solution we end up with.

Hopefully that at least provides a bit of an explanation to why it works the way it does today. Thanks for the feedback, it’s always appreciated!