Alright, I’m going to go out on a limb here.

With a couple healthy scrolls of my mouse I can see that there are a large majority of posts by men in the forums, and I’d love to hear from some of the ladies in here!

To all the women here in the Community, what do you do? What are you working on? What are your challenges this work week? Have you had any big wins? Where do you find your inspiration? I want to hear it all! :heart:

Convertables For Everyone!

HELLO! Fellow lady and Unbouncer here and realizing now that this is my first actual post, though I am a frequent and heavy lurker. Excited to hear from and more get to know the women of the official Unbounce Community.

I happen to be Unbounce’s Community Strategist of the tweetin’ and Facebookin’ sort aka the Social Media Manager aka ^Hayley if you’ve ever tweeted at the Unbounce account. I run all of our company’s social channels, work to keep our social media community happy and growing, and promote Unbounce and our content as part of the marketing team.

What I’m working on now is all of the above but mainly the CONVERTABLES launch! Crowd in my head goes wild. I’ll be plugging away getting the word out and promoting all of the content and updates we have coming to help our customers and fellow marketers get the most conversions from overlays—like this upcoming webinar. Apologies for the shameless plug but hey, it’s useful stuff. I swear on the butter-soaked bagel I wake up for every morning, which is very important to me.

As for challenges, I had a mildly frustrating session battling it out with the LinkedIn advertising platform a few days ago and some generous sailor talk to go with it. Even better was that it turned out to be my fault. I now have a scarlet “User Error” emblazoned on my t-shirt. Luckily the wins have far outweighed the challenges this week. We’ve gotten a ton of great responses to the Convertables launch already, ranging from happy-dance gifs to “this is what I’ve been waiting for.” I’m so pumped to have more people start using and see success with them.

That’s all I’ve got for now but can’t wait to hear from others! Let’s set this thread on FIRE.


Hey hey!

Sarah here - I run partnerships over at Campaign Monitor in San Francisco but am also a proud Unbounce alum. I work with all of our integration partners, run co-marketing campaigns and events, and own our agency partner channel, all with the goal of driving new business for our sales team.

I’m focused on building out Campaign Monitor’s agency program right now so using landing pages to test a lot of our messaging. Just ran a big event for publishers in New York last week which was a big win but also a crazy week to be in the city…

If anyone wants to chat about email marketing and/or geek over landing pages, feel free to connect over Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarahmccredie

Oh, and as for challenges - I’m a one-person team right now so focusing my time and energy on the right things can be tough.

P.S. Congrats to the team on the launch of Convertables!! Although admittedly it totally makes me think of the Grease convertible scene :slight_smile:


First things first - massive ups to @Jess for getting this thread going :heart_eyes:

Alyssa here from the Unbounce Customer Success team - more specifically - customer support! I’m a long time creeper on threads, first time poster. It’s a big step I tell you!

So if you have you ever reached out to one of our three support channels, email, chat or phone… you might be aware that our team here is always super happy to lend a hand with as much as we can for your landing page needs. I’m one of those peeps - and cross my heart we love talking to each and every one of you. If you haven’t reached out - we’re a super friendly bunch and also just as happy to receive a quick Hey!!

Throughout my day I find inspiration from you, our customers and my co-workers! I get to talk to so many amazing women about their landing pages, their campaigns and even just their days! I literally search far and wide through the community for awesome ideas to throw your way in those support channels, so how amazing would it be to have even more comments, posts and threads from you all?! The super powerhouses that I get the pleasure of speaking to all the time… honestly that would be so exciting! I’m sure the rest of the community would be super stoked to get some insight from you as well and how you use Unbounce to achieve your needs.

So don’t be shy ladies, it’s a friendly community here and the more discussion we have going amongst us all the stronger the community will be! Resulting in even more content we the support team can start sharing amongst other Unbounce users.

Keep on rockin’ it ladies and I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


:heart_eyes: soooo many awesome gifs here … carry on …


Hah! Just kidding! I’m so stoked you’ve added the Community to your long list of networks. When I think of you running all of these channels I imagine an octopus using each of it’s arms on a different computer, and each computer having 50+ tabs open.
Full transparency: How many tabs do you have open right now? #safespace


Hey Sarah! Welcome!

So stoked to have you in the forums.

^So, we’re basically already family! :spinbounce:

Right now @Larissa is doing something quite similar over here. We’re exploring partnerships, I’d go into more detail but I’m not the expert on it - I do sometimes hear water cooler talk and it sounds like a big undertaking, I’m very excited to hear how it all pans out.

I’ve been hearing a lot of this lately! Are you working remotely? Or are you the only person doing your job? I find both are very challenging. I’m in a two-person team, and when that other team member isn’t around it feels really easy to get isolated. What do you find helps combat that? I try to sort of inject myself into other departments whenever I can, even if it’s just over lunch to see what everyone is working on, so that I don’t feel too disconnected.

Again, very happy to have you here. Please do jump into conversations any time! Us Unbouncers (past and present) need to stick together! :blush:


It’s a huge step! I’m glad you took a flying leap, I think jumping into Community forums can be sort of daunting. But you did it!

This makes you a veeery valuable person to have around in the Community - how do you feel about being tagged every so often if there’s a question that pertains to something Support-related? :blush:


A mere 27. #minimalist


Thaaaaaanks @Jess
And yes for sure - tag away - it would be my pleasure :wink::smiley:


Helen here! As Customer Success Manager at Unbounce, I champion the large agencies and consultants who use our platform. From business reviews to feature adoption, the coaching I do is mostly one-on-one.

This week we launched Convertables, so I’ve been busy encouraging our power-users to adopt this rad new product. Getting to know the people behind the businesses that use our tool is really rewarding, and with a direct line to our customers, I’m in a prime position to notice trends and common pain points so we can fix ‘em up and make Unbounce even better!

When it comes to the challenges I face, I’d say that scheduling is a pretty big one. I often work with CEOs and VPs, and finding a break in their busy schedules can be tough. Time is money, so it’s important for me to pack each call full of as much business value as possible.

The team at Unbounce are a huge inspiration to me. We’re like one of those low-drama, happy families you see in Christmas movies. We get along well, and when issues arise, we find a way to talk things out. Transparency is one of Unbounce’s core values, and that’s something I really appreciate.

I’ve watched Unbounce grow from 60 employees to over 180, and with no sign of slowing down, I’m excited to see what’s next!


Hi everyone!

I’m a super noob to the Unbounce fam, but really happy to be here and wowed by how active and helpful the Unbounce Community is.

I’m a Product Owner for the Content Builder team at Unbounce and in my role I get to work with all the different departments in Unbounce, as well as with customers as much as possible, to determine what features we need to build, improve and sometimes even let go of.

The Content Builder team recently launched Inline Text to Labs (turn it on if you haven’t already!) so my focus lately has been on the feedback we’ve received so far, how to get more, and how we can iterate on said feedback to make the experience even better.

As others have mentioned, getting face time with all the key stakeholders and customers is a challenge, as is determining what to prioritize.

I find inspiration in threads like this and hearing about how others have overcome challenges and executed on big ideas, so I can’t wait to see what everyone has done!


Hey there!

Denise here - Product Designer for Unbounce’s Content Builder. I work on the overall experience of the builder! Day to day, I do a lot of discovery work for new/existing features, validate some ideas that I have by conducting usability tests, talking to customers and getting feedback, doing experience/journey maps, and doing the visual side of the builder as well. In short, making sure that when you use us, you end your session happy!

Currently, I am preparing to do customer interviews with people who have enabled and disabled Inline Text! This is something that we recently released and I want to get some raw, qualitative feedback from people who have used it – good or bad, I want it all! This will help us prioritize what we need to improve on with this feature. I am also simultaneously doing some discovery work on Mobile Responsive – how can we do this better? What are we missing? What does our current mobile experience look like right now? Currently creating an experience map that encapsulates all the touch points we have when it comes to mobile. If you have any feedback on this regard, feel free to reach out to me and my team! We would love to hear them :slight_smile:

A win that I believe we had this week was being able to sort through all the data from the ethnographic user research trip we conducted a couple of months ago! Today, we were able to categorize all these information and it’s much clearer now where opportunities lie, what the problem spaces are, what pain points are our customers facing daily. Seeing all the data on stickies on the wall makes me really happy! #nerd

I’m a little over 2 years old here, which may seem a lot in Unbounce years. I’ve watched the company grow from 50 people (roughly when I started) to 180 – isn’t that insane??? Really proud of where we’ve come and where we’re headed.



Hey there! Margot from Wistia here. I’m the Partnership Co-ordinator at Wistia, which means I source potential integrations partners and work with them to build new integrations, source co-marketing projects with strategic partners, travel to do lunch and learns and help folks learn about how to better use our product, etc. It’s a great job!

Currently, I’m working on a new integration for Wistia and preparing for a trip out to San Francisco where we’ll meet with some partners, give a few lunch and learns, and learn more about these awesome companies and how we can help them reach their goals with video. Sourcing these has definitely been a big recent win!

I find my inspiration from all of you. Honestly. I go to a lot of women in tech events in the Boston area and meet with some incredible folks. That gives me inspiration to be better, work harder, and do more cool shit.

So awesome to hear from all of you!


Hey Friends! Like @Helen_Shaw, I’m a Customer Success Manager at Unbounce and I work one-on-one with our larger customers from Marketing Teams.

Convertables has been a big launch for us, and it’s been great introducing it to customers, both those who participated in the Beta as well as those who are hearing about it for the first time. Even better has been hearing the feedback that customers have on Convertables - it gives us such a good look into how our customers already use a product and want to use it in the future, to make sure we can drive that information straight to our product team.

In terms of challenges, I’d say that digital marketing is evolving so much and so quickly that there is always something new to learn or discover or play around with, that it’s hard to feel fully knowledgable and on top of everything! Luckily that’s what keeps this role exciting and dynamic, and I’m luckily to have such a wealth of resources here that it makes it easier to stay as up to date as possible.

What I find super inspiring is just all the different ways customers use Unbounce - seeing how the tool is built on or integrated with blows my mind, not coming from a digital marketing background, I’m always amazed and how customers can create scripts and codes to make the magic happen. And as mentioned, I’m super fortunate to work with such a stellar team at Unbounce that it really makes all the difference when coming to work every day.


Hey everyone! Newbie here and my first post. My name is Michelle and I work with my husband, @Nicholas at Earnworthy. Some of you may know him as one of the Unbounce Experts here on the forum. My role at Earnworthy is the Content & Conversion Strategist. I work on creating content and building Unbounce landing pages for our clients! I also do some really neat and creative things for our clients such as editing videos and audio. I am the one that makes sure the landing pages and content for our clients look great and everyone is all smiles!

Currently, I am working on many landing pages for our clients coming from a variety of industries. I love working in the Unbounce editor because of all the cool features and I am learning more and more every time I work in it.

I find my inspiration from, well… many places. I have an art and psychology background, so my imagination hits the ground running while thinking about how potential leads will perceive the content within a landing page I’ve built. My most important inspiration comes from my husband. I wouldn’t be here without his guidance and support! He has taught me so much about marketing and, of course, the basics of Unbounce.

I am so happy to be here and feel welcomed. Y’all are beautiful! :blush::heart:


Queen Helen! :crown:

Thanks for taking some time out of your day to chime in here, and don’t worry, you won’t have worry about scheduling in these conversations, we’re a pretty relaxed bunch :blush:

This seems to be a major trend around these parts, must be a pretty big deal :smirk:

What would you say are some of the trends you’re seeing right now? Any predictions for how things might look in the next year?


Hey Jordana! You are officially out of Community Noob status! Woohoo!! :tada:

D’aww! We do our best :blush:

So, does this mean that when folks are coming into the Community with Feature Requests, that you’d be one of the people who implement that feedback into your roadmap? Because if that’s the case, I’m sure you’re one of our new favourite people! :heart_eyes:

From what I can tell it’s been very warmly received, can you give us any easter eggs on what we might see down the road, based on the feedback you’ve collected? Or it is still too soon to tell?

Hopefully the Community can help a bit with that! :grin:

Thanks so much for taking some time out of your day to join this conversation (which is on FIRE and I love it!!) :heart:


haha yes @Jess the community is one of the best sources for feedback into the roadmap, so keep those feature requests coming!

And yes, spoiler alert we are working on a couple of the most requested features here, which are expanding our font options and making that easier to manage on your pages, as well as having custom font sizes!

I definitely encourage anyone who hasn’t yet, to turn on the new Inline Text Editor in Labs and to let us know what you love/hate/dream about when it comes to the builder :slight_smile:


Hey Denise!

I know several people you should definitely chat with for feedback on this, I won’t divulge too much, but it’s a group and it rhymes with Shmunbounce Shmexperts… :eyes: I’ll leave that for a separate conversation.

I bet you could get a ton of responses if you hurled that question into the Community, I’ve personally seen it brought up several times.[quote=“Denise_Villanueva, post:13, topic:3959”]
Seeing all the data on stickies on the wall makes me really happy! #nerd

I’ve seen the wall, it is IMPRESSIVE. Stickies for days! :nerd:

YES. I guess you could say things are pretty serious.


We’re so lucky to have brains like yours here long term! :heart_decoration: