Help Needed - Re Conversion Action relating to Stripe


I think the mixed bag is the right place but apologies and suggestions if I need to Tag this differently.

I have been using solution that helps me process online payments through to Stripe via a script plugin service from LandingPay. This works as it should and costs $24 USD per month. I think I have found an alternative that may have no or a cost of not more than $9 USD per month. I was hoping to see if someone could confirm if this solution will actually work in the way I need it to and replace the Landing page scripts for the buy buttons created on my landing page?

This is the info that I think you need - to help out. Thanks

I have discovered that POWr have created a multi-use set of plug-ins that might be used for what I need.

They have a Stripe plug-in that can be used to create a short script that will execute a one-time payment via Strip from a range of different platform types including HTML websites.

About Stripe Button from their site

Accept payments, receive donations, and set up recurring subscriptions with the POWr PayPal/Stripe Button Plugin. Just connect to your account to start getting paid. Create a buy button and your checkout can even include coupon codes, shipping, and sales tax. The POWr buy Button Plugin is an easy and free way to generate a PayPal/Stripe button and start accepting payments on your website in no time at all.

It names specific platforms - though Ido not think they have created a specific solution for Unbounce (yet), for now, I need to know how I can add six snippets of code like this using their HTML version of the plug-in, which looks like the script below

There are six buy buttons (#lp-pom-button-XXX) on my landing page where the click outcome is to open the stripe card payment pop-up and behind this, the current buttons also execute a lightbox contact form specific to the purchase the customer makes.

I would hope that I could still use a similar configuration if I moved to a POWr alternative, but If there was a way to apply the POWr code to meet the workflow needed that still allows contact info to be collected (without additional cost), I would be more than happy to make the move over and the saving by using a POWr alternative.

Any support with this is most appreciated
Many thanks


Hi Martin,

Not sure of the specific technical questions you raised, but I did take a look at your landing page, and I’m just curious, is there a reason you need the payment to occur on that page? Why not just send people to a dedicated checkout page when they click on the “Buy” button?

From a usability perspective, the way you have it set up just seems like it wouldn’t convert well. Or is it already converting? When I click on the button, the Stripe payment box pops up in front of the contact info box, which isn’t a very common way of starting a checkout process.

It’s always difficult getting people to make big-ticket purchases from landing pages, unless it’s really warm traffic. So you want to make it frictionless as possible. Breaking the checkout process out across multiple pages (using a dedicated cart) can help this.


Hi Nicholas

Thanks for your reply.

This is my first attempt at creating such a page.

If there is a better way to make the buy process more suitable for a
frictionless conversion than I am more than happy to take your advice.

The page is I am sure, is best suited to warmer traffic but getting other
visitor types interested and converted would be more than welcome.

I do need to collect the required contact information and allow the payment
processing to complete, post the purchase click.

If you can recommend a more suited workflow and any specific tools I would
need. This would be a great help.

Thanks again for your insight so far.



Hi Nicholas - Thanks for your recent help. To let you know I have changed the process - added a check-out third party that completes the processing with Stripe and then re-directs the customer to a Customer Landing page - so they can start the project preparation with us.
Thanks for your help