Having trouble with integrating Google Reviews on landing page


Hi guys.

I am trying to design a ‘Review our Business’ landing page. The idea is that I create a landing page with all of my Google business locations, Facebook, MindBody, etc with the ability for my customers to quickly click and leave a review on each of these channels. I will use a lightbox to ensure they remain on my page, while they quickly review the business.

I found a great article from the Convince and Connect blog on the best way to direct someone to your google locations review page http://www.convinceandconvert.com/digital-marketing/how-to-create-a-google-reviews-landing-page/

In the article they use Google Review Link Generator - https://www.grade.us/home/labs/google-review-link-generator?ref=plusyourbusiness to display a range of links that go directly to my google locations review page.

I have taken one of the links and then used the lightbox option “Go to URL in Lightbox” to copy the link into.

Unfortunately when I test the page, I click the lightbox and nothing displays in my lightbox.

Can anyone point out where I am going wrong?

Is it a problem within Unbounce or does Google not allow this practise?

Here is the link I am trying to use in my lightbox:https://accounts.google.com/ServiceLogin?continue=https://plus.google.com/_/widget/render/localreview?placeid=5273768350031852433





I tried the link you shared and got the same result. So, I tried a few other links that weren’t google, they worked just fine.

I am thinking google is the culprit here but maybe someone with more experience knows a work around. 

I’ll keep tinkering…



Thanks for trying Joe. The more I’ve read about the review system on google, the more I suspect that is the case. Unfortunately you cannot review google places on your mobile phone. Crazy. The only way is through the google maps app.


Hi Andi & Joe, 

You are both correct. Google won’t let you embed the Review prompt. 

The best you can do is offer a direct link. 

However, offering a direct link would lead visitors away from your landing pages which is usually not a good idea.