GTM Form Submission Trigger Update

In the past when you wanted to trigger a tag on the form submission in GTM, you could set up a custom event using a gtm.formSubmit. Unbounce has recently changed the way our software integrates with Google Tag Manager. This will affect the way that you set up your form submission tag trigger.

If you have updated your GTM recently in your Unbounce account, and do not have GA installed through script manager, you will need to apply the following changes in order to trigger a tag on form submission:

Previous Trigger Configuration:

New Trigger Configuration:


This is of great interest. I current;ly have a database name, email address, telephone number etc

I currently use MailChimp to send out my email. What I wont to do is prefill the form on your landing page with the data I have

We did set up the GA script, so it sounds like we should be okay.