😀 Job opportunity - we're hiring an Unbounce Integrator!


Hopefully the admins are cool with this post (@Justin @Jess :slight_smile:) but we, DayChamp (http://daychamp.cc) are hiring a freelance/contractor with option to grow into part or full-time Unbounce Integrator. This is a remote job so don’t be shy :stuck_out_tongue:

Learn more here about us and the job http://daychamp.cc/were-hiring

*Willing to train if you’re a web integrator with basic to intermediate Unbounce skills.


Not only are we cool with this @digibomb, but you may have just sparked an idea to make an unnofficial ‘Job Board’ in the Community.

Something tells me you’re not the only person out there looking to hire. Plus, on the opposite end, I’m betting there lots of folks who would be interested in hiring an Unbounce Expert. :spinbounce: :wink:



And yes. A job board would be wonderful!


Would love to discuss more. Please email me at carab1203@gmail.com. I have a lot of experience building out unbounce pages.