Green-Tech Entrepreneur and Author Would Love Your Creatvie Ideas. Thanks in Advance!


Dear Community Members: The Unbounce Support Team suggested that I might ask for help from some of you more senior community members. Here is the situation. I am a green technology entrepreneur (We commercialize NASA tech for air, laundry, water) and am a Christian author, I have launched a new green-tech company and am looking for independent mfg. reps who desire an alternate source of income. Being a Christian author, I predominantly use Christian Job sites that feed into my landing page looking for candidate. I have done over 39 variations and have pages that convert (fill out form) typically between 24 to 27% of my click through traffic. I have read most of the reports on optimization and have tried many of the ideas from social proof to headline testing and color schema, button syntax…you name it. The landing page still outperforms all. Since I am only a 1 year newbie at this, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions to increase my conversion ratios or expanded reach? I would like to test some new things. Thank you so much in advance for any suggestions. The best landing page is:


Hi Jon, I am sorry that I am unable to help you with your question. I have, however, been to your site and am greatly interested in the home business opportunity you are offering. The page keeps coming up with an error message and won’t let me send my details. Could you please answer this thread with some other way to contact you? Thank you so much, Regards, Cassandra.