Graphics outside of page frame

I know images are not intended to be partially on the page and partially outside of the page but any experience out there with it impacting the way it displays on different sized devices? It seems ok on my desktop. Tx!

images should scale automatically. Just make sure the bounding box is within the row of your page builder. You should see red color around the image if it’s sticking out. Unbounce uses this red color to let you know something is “out of bounds”.

If you don’t fix that, your image will not scale and will hang off the edges, which looks broken.

So you can’t have a graphic partly inside the page and outside? We were trying to mimic a bleed.

I think as a background image, like a hero image, is the easiest way to achieve your bleed mimic.

As you might already know, a background image scales with the resizing of the viewport, so the image will always be cut on the edge of the page.

If it’s not a background image, but rather an elemnt inside one of the Page Builder sections, the only thing I can think of is to make the Page width Property as wide as a typical viewport, since the bounding box seems to be what creates an artificial edge. If you leave it at the default 760 but most people have 1920-pixel wide monitors, your image will not be allowed to touch the edge of the screen and “bleed” over the edge.