Google UTM tracking from Unbounce to Calendly and our website

Hi all, we are trialing un bounce integration with calendly and our own site. The flow of user will be (Paid campaign(multiple channels) -> Unbounce-> Calendly/own site. We would like to pass UTM values from un bounce till the end to understand the source of traffic. Is it possible?

It’s technically possible - you could store the UTM variables in a cookie and then grab the cookie from the iframe, but you’d need to delay the iframe load and that would suck.

A better option is to use the custom confirmation page option in Calendly and point to your own confirmation page (which could be another unbounce page with ‘thank you’ message.) It will open in the parent window. You can then exclude the calendly domain as a referrer in Google Analytics, which means in GA you will see the user going from landing page straight to confirmation page without breaking session.

We’ve done this before and it works.

If you need help with this or with future landing pages find us at

That’s amazing! Thank you :slight_smile: Due to security reasons, we are spinning a new domain for un-bounce page. Will this create an issue? Do the pages need to be in the same domain ?

No problem - The pages do need to be on the same domain unless your GA setup uses cross-domain tracking. I’d recommend you use a separate GA profile for Unbounce and place the confirmation page on the same domain.

For example, your landing page could be and you could create a confirmation page in unbounce for then point the Calendly form submission confirmation page at that. Then you just have to apply your new GA code to Unbounce as normal, excluding the calendly domain as a referrer.